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Links to All My Previous Tutorials!

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Here are links to all my FREE tutorials that I’ve done so far…and since my blog is new, rather than try and repost them all here I thought it would be better to just link them so you can see all the old ones in one place along with the pics of the cakes that have used the technique!

TWO-TONED PETALS Tutorial – First Ever Tutorial – December 2013:

Two-Tone Petal - twm

Qualin's 6th - Valentino Inspired B&W Ruffle - twm 20131224_121018 - iv - ii Sam & Satoko's at Venue Year of the Horse CNY - cropped - twm


MY STYLIZED RANUNCULUS Tutorial – January 2013:

20131224_121018 - iv - ii  03-01-14 - Finney's 45th Modern with Flowers - wm TVCS - ii - twmpm


IMG_1054 - ii

TWO-TONED BOW Tutorial – This is how I make my two-toned bows that was originally inspired by one made by Sweet Picasso Cake Creations – March 2014:

Eva's 21st Tiffany Blue with Bows - twm  Sam & Satoko's at Venue  Carlington's 2nd Birthday - Minnie, Mickey, Daisy and Donald - Closeup - twmpm

My Two-Toned Bow Tutorial - sneak peek

EASY BLOCK LETTERS and 3D LEGO FIGURE Tutorials – June 2014:

Ethan's 5th Lego Movie - twm  Colin's 9th B-Day Lego Movie Cake - front - twmpm

Easy No Measure Block Letters - 1

SIMPLE ANEMONE with SIMPLE TOOLS Tutorial – August 2014:

Qualin's 3rd - front - wm TVCS - twmpm  The Violet Cake Shop - Simple Anemone Tutorial with Simple Tools - cover photo

I hope you all enjoy using these…Violet =D


Author: The Violet Cake Shop™

Hi, I'm Violet, currently a full-time stay-at-home mom of two and part-time cake designer/decorator! I first discovered my love for cake art in early 2008 when researching how to make a cake for my husband's milestone birthday. I consider myself "internet or community taught" having found and learned as much as I could from the many helpful sites, blogs, YouTube videos, tutorials around the net, where people were willing to share their craft. I used every family occasion to practice after that and soon, friends and family were asking me to make their cakes and I have been busy creating cakes part-time ever since. I took an extended break after the birth of my daughter, to spend time more quality time with the kids. I now spend my time creating one-of-kind pieces for special projects and personal occasions, taking the odd order here and there. I currently maintain a popular Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest accounts and this blog where I share my insights, tips and free tutorials as well as any new creations. I have had the honour of being part of several special Facebook cake community collaborations, with more to come. My cakes have been featured in print in Edible Artists Network and American Cake Decorating Magazines in the US; in Cake Masters, Cake Craft Guide's Party Cakes and Cake Craft Guide's Wedding Cakes & Sugar Flowers Magazines in the UK; and in Australia's Sweet Magazine. I've also been featured online as 'Edible Art of The Day' at Edible Artists Network's blog, as Satin Ice's Cake of the Month for January 2015, and in online magazines or blogs such as Cake Wrecks' Sunday Sweets, the Craftsy Blog, 'The Cake of the Week' on FB, Pretty Witty Cakes' online Magazine, American Cake Decorating's Blog, Satin Ice Showcases, Australian Cake Decorating Network's online Cake Magazine (Joomag) and in Cake Geek Magazine. I've recently begun teaching via online video tutorials having filmed for Pretty Witty Cakes in the UK and Craftsy in the US. I am also a proud member of the Satin Ice Artists of Excellence team. I am constantly inspired by all things around me, particularly fashion, geometric prints, home décor trends and of course, other sugar artists!

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