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Celebrating 100K Sweet Friends on Facebook

Never, EVER did I consider EVER having followers of my cake journey in the six digits!!  Nope, NEVER even crossed my mind.  I started this page as a place to post pics of my sweet creations in 2009.  It pretty much steadily climbed over the next 4 years to just over 700 followers.  Wow, I was already pretty thrilled with that!

09-17-14 - 100K

Then, I discovered Facebook and Social Media networking around this time back in 2013, sharing and liking posts, share days, Facebook groups, collaborations…  I embraced it all just like those in FB Cakeyland embraced me and guess what…?  Most anyone in the cake industry that was anyone had a Facebook page and I discovered I could follow them and easily check their news items in my newsfeed.  Before, I rarely went on Facebook except to upload a new cake pic.

I didn’t even have many “friends” on my personal page because I never used the “Find a Friend” feature.  Now, more than 60% of my friends are cake friends I made on-line who are genuinely as important to me as those in ‘real-life’

So now I have somehow reached sweet friends numbering in the a six digits and I am beyond bewildered, blown away, flabbergasted, overwhelmed, stupefied (not stupid, just stupefied)!!

To celebrate, I am hosting an enormous giveaway sponsored by most of my fave Facebook pages…all are pages that have helped me grow, who have shared my work or supported my work and my page…who have made me feel such a part of a lovely community full of people with a like-minded passion for sugar art!

Please help me celebrate by joining my 100K Sweet Friends giveaway

FB 100K Giveaway Poster - 09-17-14

I am also having a SALE of 50% off or MORE on all tutorials in my SHIOP…some are even FREE!  You can pick yours up in my FB SHOP or use this mobile link.

FB 100K Milestone - 09-17-14 - Sale Promo

Thanks SO much AGAIN everyone!!  I truly appreciate you all and your support means the world to me!

Violet =D

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My Fun Tips for Modelling Figures!

First posted on Facebook and reposting here to my blog…
FUN TIPS for modelling figures (disclaimer – I am NOT a modelling expert…there are always other ways and sometimes better ways to do things…this is just what works for me):

Carlington's 2nd Birthday - Minnie, Mickey, Daisy and Donald - The Gang - twmpm

(Figures made for my daughter’s 2nd birthday in July…all using MMF or chocolate MMF…only toothpick for support in the neck because the heads are larger)


I often get PMs asking me what I use to make my figures and how I make them so that they keep their shape or prevent cracking etc. Also, I get asked what medium I would recommend for modelling as well as how to support them etc. So I have compiled some of my answers here:

1/ I use MMF (marshmallow fondant) and have only ever tried that for modelling so not sure if other forms of sugar pastes or fondants would work better or not. Although, it’s common practice to mix 50/50 fondant (or MMF) with gumpaste to get a stronger medium that dries quicker but you do have to work fast.

2/ I do not mix tylose (or CMC powder) with my MMF for modelling because I have never had an issue with the strength of the pieces, so long as you give them ample time to dry which is typically 24 hours or minimum overnight.

3/ I like to make my figures in sections and let the pieces dry for at least a day. You can dry for 2-3 hours and some pieces will be fine to support others, but if it needs to support another piece that is just as large or larger, let dry overnight but ideally 24-48 hrs.

4/ Drying and letting the pieces set, helps to prevent them from sagging or changing their shape which can happen when you put one piece on top of another, even if they are supported by toothpicks.

5/ I rarely use any type of support in my figures. So long as the piece is sufficiently dried, you won’t need to have internal supports unless the pieces are super tall or super thin, or you are standing the figure up (which you might notice I rarely do so I don’t have to worry about supports haha!). In this Yoda, I used a toothpick only in the arm that is outstretched.

Ian's 40th B-Day Star Wars Poker XBox Cake - Yoda - twmpm

6/ Do not push down hard when attaching one piece to another or you will get cracking from the pressure. If you do get any cracking, you can fill in the cracks using edible glue (which is just dissolving some of the same coloured fondant in water until it’s a paste).

7/ To attach pieces, use some water or edible glue and hold the pieces in place until set. This may be at least a few minutes depending on the weight of the pieces.

8/ I always will support the more delicate pieces as they dry with something that is the same height. For example, I put a bottle of gel colour under the arm of Yoda here until it was fully dried (minimum one day to be sure). The bottle was slightly shorter than needed so I just wadded up some paper towel to place in between the gap.

9/ Always add fine details last like eyes, nails or claws, tufts of hair, last. If painting, do that as your very last step as you may smudge something when handling it. If you paint ahead, make sure paint is completely dry before you handle although the sweat or natural oils from your hands may still cause them to smudge.

10/ Look for tutorials done by other artists that you can use as a guideline.  It’s SO helpful to see what works for them AND, it may lead to new techniques you did not even consider.  For example, the Mickey & Minnie figures I made (above) were done following a Minnie Mouse tutorial by Jacinta of Kidacity from her FB page.  I did not do everything exactly as she demonstrated, but definitely I learned things like how she shaded the eyes to bring them out!

Hope this helps – Happy Modelling ALL – Violet =D

Some other examples of my favourite modelled figures:

Alisa's 1st Abby Cadabby - Abby closeup - wm TVCS Anam's 21st Agnes - closeup - wm TVCS Dominic's 2nd B-Day Bubble Guppies - closeup - wm TVCS Naomi's Team Umizoomi - figures - wm TVCS Caisan Riley's Up Cake - Carl - wm TVCS Caisan Riley's Up Cake - Russell - wm TVCS   Julian's Alvin & The Chipmunks Chipwrecked 4th B-Day - Simon - twmpm Julian's Alvin & The Chipmunks Chipwrecked 4th B-Day - Theodore - twmpm Julian's Alvin & The Chipmunks Chipwrecked 4th B-Day - Alvin - twmpm Lauren's Hanbok 1st B-Day - doll - wm TVCS LL's 5th Dr. Slump - close up - wm TVCS Marcus' Pumpkin Farm 1st Birthday - closeup - wm TVCS Ethan's 5th Lego Movie - closeup - twm

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First Birthday on Social Media

I am a mom of two (9 y/o boy and 2 y/o girl)…I used to be in Corporate Marketing Management for a leading telecommunications company for almost a decade until I decided to make a life change and start a family.  I started caking in 2008 so I could make my hubby’s 40th milestone birthday cake, and just practiced after that on family cakes for almost a year. By 2009 I expanded to taking orders for friends and referrals. During that time, I started my Facebook page (mostly for locals) and was pretty active on one of the cake decorating community sites for about 2 years, learning lots, reading all I could, viewing and commenting on cakes…and participating in forum discussions.

Those of you who’ve used Cake Central way back then, my user id was vlin28…you might remember me =).  Or you might not…it’s been a while… But I remember a lot of people I followed in the “old days” by different names too…I remember Jessica as mrsmudrash, Peggy as Peggyslee, Lesley as EnglishCakeLady and Sharon as SugarShack.  I found lots of cakers to follow on CC back then, but never really ventured to their FB pages as not many had them listed in their profiles in those days.

Eventually, I found myself steadily doing 2-3, then 3-4 cake orders per weekend and soon did not have time to even lift my head out from my powdered sugar cloud and quickly lost touch on that site. In late 2011 I took a break from taking orders as I got pregnant with my lil monkey and did not even so much as look at a cake on-line for almost two years. Once she was old enough, and less high maintenance, I started looking at cakes again but had discovered a new site (CakesDecor) and decided to post my first cake in over 3 years there.

Eva's 21st Tiffany Blue with Bows - twm

This was that cake and boy did it open a whole new world because I had tons of positive comments from posting it and found out quickly that NOW people were actively using their FB pages to network with other cakers! They had their FB urls in their signature and on their profiles. People from CD came to my FB page and commented and liked my posts! Wow…I had no idea….I had just over 700 FB friends at that time…

Why am I telling you all this you might ask? Well, because I just realized that this is my one year Anniversary of being part of FB Cakeyland and on social media, and I am so amazed at how everyone has embraced me and welcomed me. I am astounded at the opportunities I have had to make friends…real, tangible and meaningful friendships. I feel so blessed everyday for those I have e-met on-line through CD and FB, who provide me with support and encouragement during my caking ventures.  My hubby is happy too as he gets to hear less of my whining and complaining about the troubles and trials of caking…

So this is me…Violet…yes, there is a Violet behind The Violet Cake Shop…and I am 1 year old on FB this month, still a newborn on Twitter and in the world of blogging…maybe approaching 6 months on Pinterest…but still just beginning to learn all about networking with social media…and loving it every second!

09-01-14 - Profile Pic - solo - resized

…and I’d like to thank you all for taking part in my journey over the last year! I really do appreciate everyone that follows me and who has commented on or liked a post or picture! Thanks for making this past year SO memorable. Violet =D

Here are some of the ways you can find me:





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