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V-Petal Ruffles Mini-Tutorial


I was asked by Cake Masters magazine to submit a cake for their Ombré Cakes Collection in their latest May Issue.  I was assigned the colour BLUE and was immediately inspired!

The Violet Cake Shop - CM Blue Ombre - Full - 1st - IMG_5453 - iii - cropped &amp; watermarked

Right away, I knew what I wanted to do.  I had been playing around one day, and came up with a new and unique way of doing simple ruffles.  Once I saw “ombré” in the email, I KNEW I had to use this technique for the effect.

It is super simple so I hadn’t planned on doing a tutorial but luckily I had taken some pics anyway, for reference (hence the sub-par quality!)  I’ve now decided to post a quick mini-tutorial after all, because I had that cake on display at The Toronto Bakery Showcase just this past week, and I got TONNES of questions about how I created those ruffles.  So I’m guessing it’s not as simple as it may seem, for some.

The Violet Cake Shop - CM Blue Ombre - IMG_5028 - ii - watermarked

I used 8 gradients in the ombré, and with the same batch of fondant which was first coloured the deepest shade, I just kept adding in an equal amount of white each time after I was done with the shade I was working with.

See below for additional closeup photos of this cake…

But first, here are the basic step-by-step pics of how to make my V-Petal Ruffles – ENJOY!!  If you use these ruffles, please feel free to quote this tutorial and I’d love for you to share your creations to my Facebook page so I can see what you’ve done with them!

20160310_195854 - ii - watermarked

Cut out an oval using a 2.5″ oval cutter

20160310_200621 - ii - watermarked

Flip the oval over and dab some water on the very end of one side of the oval – this is the underside that will end up inside the folds

20160310_200639 - ii - watermarked

Fold oval over, so the good side shows on the outside

20160310_200649 - ii - watermarked

Mark the centre with the end of your brush – this helps with the folding

20160310_200701 - iii - watermarked

Dab some water just on the end of the folded over oval

20160310_200724 - iii - watermarked

Fold the ruffle at the crease you made earlier and pinch the end so it creates a point or ‘V’

20160310_200802 - ii - watermarked

Cut a small portion off the bottom  – NOTE: this is only needed for the first row of ruffles that rest on the cakeboard


20160310_201617 - ii - watermarked

Attach the first row to your cake with a dab of water down the centre of the back – if they have dried a bit, you may need to add more water and hold longer; add additional ruffles in rows (here I show three columns only, to give an idea); when adding V-Petals on top of an existing one, dab water under the point or ‘V’ of the new petal before attaching; sit each new petal inside the top gap of the previous ruffle underneath; pinch the top loops together if necessary, to neaten up the seams; try to ensure each column is straight, as you work your way up


20160310_232050-1 - ii - watermarked

8 rows and 7 columns of ombré V-Petal Ruffles all completed =D


Now for some closeups of my Blue Ombré V-Petal Ruffle cake!

The Violet Cake Shop - CM Blue Ombre - IMG_5107 - ii - watermarked

The Violet Cake Shop - CM Blue Ombre - IMG_5308 - ii - watermarked

I have a tutorial in the April issue of Cake Masters for these Gumpaste Dogwood flowers that do not require special cutters.  I will post that tutorial here in a few months but if you can’t wait, you can always get a copy of the magazine first 😉

The Violet Cake Shop - CM Blue Ombre - IMG_5312 - ii - watermarked

I made the cosmos using my own method but I studied those made by Petalsweet Cakes intently!

The Violet Cake Shop - CM Blue Ombre - Full Cropped - IMG_5428 - ii - watermarked

Happy Caking Y’ALL!! =D


Author: The Violet Cake Shop™

Hi, I'm Violet, currently a full-time stay-at-home mom of two and part-time cake designer/decorator! I first discovered my love for cake art in early 2008 when researching how to make a cake for my husband's milestone birthday. I consider myself "internet or community taught" having found and learned as much as I could from the many helpful sites, blogs, YouTube videos, tutorials around the net, where people were willing to share their craft. I used every family occasion to practice after that and soon, friends and family were asking me to make their cakes and I have been busy creating cakes part-time ever since. I took an extended break after the birth of my daughter, to spend time more quality time with the kids. I now spend my time creating one-of-kind pieces for special projects and personal occasions, taking the odd order here and there. I currently maintain a popular Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest accounts and this blog where I share my insights, tips and free tutorials as well as any new creations. I have had the honour of being part of several special Facebook cake community collaborations, with more to come. My cakes have been featured in print in Edible Artists Network and American Cake Decorating Magazines in the US; in Cake Masters, Cake Craft Guide's Party Cakes and Cake Craft Guide's Wedding Cakes & Sugar Flowers Magazines in the UK; and in Australia's Sweet Magazine. I've also been featured online as 'Edible Art of The Day' at Edible Artists Network's blog, as Satin Ice's Cake of the Month for January 2015, and in online magazines or blogs such as Cake Wrecks' Sunday Sweets, the Craftsy Blog, 'The Cake of the Week' on FB, Pretty Witty Cakes' online Magazine, American Cake Decorating's Blog, Satin Ice Showcases, Australian Cake Decorating Network's online Cake Magazine (Joomag) and in Cake Geek Magazine. I've recently begun teaching via online video tutorials having filmed for Pretty Witty Cakes in the UK and Craftsy in the US. I am also a proud member of the Satin Ice Artists of Excellence team. I am constantly inspired by all things around me, particularly fashion, geometric prints, home décor trends and of course, other sugar artists!

34 thoughts on “V-Petal Ruffles Mini-Tutorial

  1. The cake is so beautiful, Violet and the tutorial is awesome. Thank you for starting the blog and sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing, Violet!! So simple yet so creative and beautiful!


  3. Thank you Violet for sharing this tutorial. Your cake is gorgeous!


  4. Just love this cake Thank you for sharing.


  5. love, love, love, love………..


  6. Thank you for showing this, it is beautiful.


  7. Thank you so much for sharing your design. You are such an excellent cake decorator. I have your craftsy class!!


  8. You are a amazing artist Violet and I’m always excited to see your next creation. Thanks for sharing it with us. ❤


  9. Its beautiful, thanks for sharing! The 2nd tier is also a beauty, did you use a mold for that or handmade? ♡


    • Hi…thank you…yes the 2nd tier is a mold that I got from Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen’s Etsy shop. You can check out my post on my Facebook page about that tier, which has her links. Or you can search for her on FB or Etsy =D


  10. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and know how


  11. I’m only just getting familiar with blogging on WordPress and your page was the first one I found. Wow! You have so many beautiful cakes and inspirations and tutorials. It feels like Christmas in June!


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  13. They look sooo good and the tutorial is very clear, thank you 🙂
    If I’m putting them onto a buttercream finish can I do them in advance and apply them dry?
    Do you think they will be too heavy for the buttercream to hold them?
    Hope that makes sense 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you like it! To be honest, I don’t work with buttercream only finishes so I really don’t know if it will be strong enough to hold heavy décor. If it were me, I’d probably do a very thin layer of fondant to cover the buttercream just to be sure and let the base dry for at least 12 hours before adding the v-petals.


    • Oh and also, it’s best to use the petals as you go because it will be tougher to fit them into each other if they are too dry. I usually make about 6 at a time and apply row by row. HTH – Violet


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  15. Love these V / Heart ruffles xx


  16. Great tutorial, thank you! Are the rufgles straight fondant or is there any tylose added or is that recommended if doing in advance? I once did wavy ruffles out of fondant a few days in advance and on the serving day they started cracking….


    • Hi there! I add a touch of tylose if the fondant is somewhat soft to the touch. It all depends on the weather/climate. It should not crack with tylose added unless the fondant is overworked or you add too much tylose. Just add a 1/4 tsp at a time and mix into fondant until it starts to get firm enough to hold its shape when you do your cutouts. Other times instead of tylose, I will mix fondant with gumpaste. If you use marshmallow fondant, you’ll find you won’t need to add tylose or gumpaste for these type of ruffles. HTH – Violet 😀


  17. Love such clean details and beautiful cake! Thank you for sharing!


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