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Girly Western Birthday cake plus Cowboy Boot Topper Pictorial

Emily's 19th Western Cowgirl Theme - boot front - wm TVCS - twmpm

I actually made this cake early last year but am slowly getting around to posting tutorials and tips to my blog as I’ve found they are rather hard to find on my Facebook page after they get buried down and sometimes disappear from the Timeline.

This is my Girly Western cake made for Emily’s 19th.

Emily's 19th Western Cowgirl Theme - cropped - wm TVCS - twmpm.jpg

Her mom wanted something that was girly but not childish, and for it to be personalized with her favourite cowboy boot so we used this as the model for the topper.


Having never made a boot topper before, I tried to search online for any tutorial or tip I could use.  I’d seen many people making boot toppers before but did not remember seeing any tips for HOW to make one.  I could have messaged some online friends that I know have made one in the past, but I am kinda stubborn when it comes to these kinds of things and would prefer to try and figure it out on my own if I could and only reach out for help if I became desperate.  So I decided to just “wing” it.

I also do not normally take pics along the process of any of my creations because I guess I don’t expect them to work out the first time.  But this one surprised me in that it did work out right away and thankfully I took some quick shots (although they are quite messy because they were unplanned lol).  I plan to get in the habit of taking progress shots from now on.

So here is a quick compilation or pictorial of the progress shots for the boot topper.  Keep in mind, these are not edited and were merely taken so I could remember what I did therefore they are not the best quality nor staged well. It’s just to give an idea of how I went about “winging” it lol. Also, a lot of steps are missing but it will give you a good sense nonetheless…

Cowboy Boot Topper Collage - watermarked.jpg


I used a mix of Satin Ice chocolate fondant and Satin Ice gumpaste (approx. 50/50). If using MMF (marshmallow fondant, chocolate MMF for the brown in this case), you will likely not need to add the gumpaste, depending on the elasticity of your fondant. It’s only needed if you want it to dry quicker or your fondant is very soft and not pliable enough to hold its shape easily.

I let the sole of the boot dry on the makeshift cardboard former overnight (should be minimum a few hours) prior to adding the other pieces. I realized after, that I had forgotten to curl up the top or toe of the sole so had to bend it slightly afterward and placed a small wedge of fondant underneath to hold the curled shape (starting in pic 8, but you can see it clearer in pic 15).

Pic 6 shows the template I used to cut the portion of the boot that goes over the calf. I also inserted it after to help hold the shape of the portion as it dried.

In pic 10, I draped the fondant to get an impression of the shape and size I would need to cut out for the top portion or the toe of the boot. The piece that was cut out after, can be seen in pic 11. I did the same for the heel portion as well (but did not take a pic of it), see pic 12, after the heel detail was added.

Additional details were added after so the topper could match the birthday girl’s actual boot.

Hope this is helpful for some!

Other pics of the cake and topper:

Emily's 19th Western Cowgirl Theme - boot side - wm TVCS - twmpm

Emily's 19th Western Cowgirl Theme - boot angle - wm TVCS - twmpm

Emily's 19th Western Cowgirl Theme - wm TVCS - twmpm

Happy Caking Y’ALL!! =D

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Stylized Christmas Poinsettia Tutorial

I made this Red Cardinal Christmas cake last  year for our family dinner party.  It has proven to be quite popular for not only it’s non-traditional colour scheme but also for it’s unique elements like the stylized poinsettias and the wafer paper adorned cardinal.

2014 Christmas Cardinal and Mistletoes - twmpm

I started this little tutorial for the stylized poinsettia shortly after sharing the cake on my Facebook page (see original post here for more details about the making of this cake), but unfortunately not in time for anyone to use it for their Christmas cake that  year, so decided to save it for this year.  I ended up giving it to Pretty Witty Cakes to feature in Issue 8 of their on-line magazine in the summer because Suzi wanted to highlight some of the work of her Guest Tutors.  But that was in the middle of summer so not great timing if you were looking to use it as a seasonal touch for a festive or holiday cake lol!

But it is time now to share it for those who may want to use it on their Christmas cakes this year.  I hope it comes in handy for some of you!!


Modern Deco or Stylized Poinsettia Flower Tutorial:

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use simple tools to create a unique, modern flower that can be used to decorate a cake in a winter seasonal style.  It can be made as a double layer flower for a more interesting effect, but can also be made as a single layer.  You can also adapt the colours and use these techniques to create your own floral variations to decorate any kind of cake you can imagine.


3” oval cutter

2.5” oval cutter

1.75” circle cutter

Cutting wheel

Brush for applying edible glue or water

Edible glue or water

50/50 gumpaste/fondant mix (you can also use fondant with Tylose/CMC added, or straight marshmallow fondant if it is not too soft)

Paper towel


Modern Deco Flower - 1 - wm

Step 1 – roll out your paste and cut out your ovals to prepare the petals (you will need 12 for each poinsettia) and each set of ovals will make two petals so you will need to do this step 6 times – I recommend you cut out no more than three sets of ovals at a time and store them in Ziploc bags until you need them as they can dry out if cut too far in advance


Modern Deco Flower - 2 - wm

Step 2 – add water or edible glue down the centre of each oval


Modern Deco Flower - 4a - wm    Modern Deco Flower - 4b - i - wm

Step 3 – place the smaller oval on top of the larger oval; fold over the ovals and press together where the two ends meet


Modern Deco Flower - 5a - wm    Modern Deco Flower - 5b - wm

Step 4 – using a cutting wheel, cut as pictured to create two petals; alternatively, you can just cut down the centre of the ovals but you may have to trim them down a bit so the resulting petals are not too tall (this is based on personal preference)


Modern Deco Flower - 6a - wm  Modern Deco Flower - 6b - wm  Modern Deco Flower - 7 & 8 - ii - wm

Step 5 – add some water at the tips if needed to ensure the points stick together; pinch if necessary; then use your finger to press down gently in the centre, to flare out and create a nice rounded shaped petal


Modern Deco Flower - 9 - wm  Modern Deco Flower - 10a - wm  Modern Deco Flower - 10b - wm

Step 6 – using the circle cutter, cut out two circles (you will need one for each layer of the two-layered poinsettia); take one of the petals and add water or edible glue to the bottom and attach to your circle as shown


Modern Deco Flower - 11 - wm    Modern Deco Flower - 12 & 13 - wm

Step 7 – attach the rest of your petals evenly so that they touch each other on the sides but not on the ends; this way, there will be a gap in the centre; dab some water or edible glue to the areas where the petals touch – this will ensure better stability of the piece once dried


Modern Deco Flower - 14a - wm  Modern Deco Flower - 14b - wm  Modern Deco Flower - 15 & 16 - wm

Step 8 – make two small balls about the size of a small marble (or what will fit in the gap you’ve left); apply water or edible glue all around the inside of the gap and insert the ball and flatten the top gently; you will do this again so that you’ve created two sets of petals; let these set minimum half an hour


Modern Deco Flower - 17 - wm  Modern Deco Flower - 18 - wm  Modern Deco Flower - 19 - wm

Step 9 – once they have set enough that you can lift them and maintain the shape, flip one layer over and add some water or edible glue to the entire back surface of the circle backing; place that one on top of the other layer, off-setting the petals so that those on the bottom layer are showing through those on the top layer; add some scrunched up pieces of paper towel under the tips of the top layer petals to help keep them from drooping; you can use the end of your brush to push up the circle backing where it might show through between the petals, just for a cleaner look


Modern Deco Flower - 21 & 22 - wm    Modern Deco Flower - 23 - wm

Step 10 – make 7 small balls from white paste and apply one first to the centre and then the rest, around it; let dry overnight before attaching to your cake; to attach, use a thin piece of fresh fondant on the back with water and hold in place against your cake until it is adhered securely (minimum 5-10 minutes, depending on weight)


Modern Deco Flower - side by side - wm

This flower can be made in whatever colour you want for any type of cake.  You can change out the centre and add your own touches to create completely unique and modern flowers for any cake or season.  Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.  I look forward to seeing it used on your festive cake this year!

You can follow more of my work on my Facebook page.  Feel free to share any work you’ve made using one of my tutorials to my page.



The Making of a 3D Standing Lego Ninjago Cake

Well, anyone who knows me knows that I steer clear from standing, structured or gravity-defying cakes whenever possible because they TOTALLY stress me out!! I will not lie and pretend I love them. I am not one of those that thrive on the thrill of the challenge. I sweat and fret the whole way through. But when I get asked by a valued client if I can wow them again on their son’s birthday, I just cannot say “no” so I buck up and take the challenge.  And ta-da…after much fretting and cursing and stressing, here is the cake for Ramsey’s 7th birthday a few weeks ago…

Ramsey's 7th Birthday Green Ninja from Lego Ninjao - front ii - twm TVCS

Ramsey's 7th Birthday Green Ninja from Lego Ninjago - side - twm TVCS

And below, is how I went about making him.  I took progress pics this time just to document it for myself, in case I ever have to make another one or something similar because my old brain just cannot retain information like it used to!  Those who know my work may say, “hey…I’ve seen a standing Minion and a standing robot cake from you before” and to those, I’ll explain that I’ve made standing cakes before but they never had to travel in a car (all only had to travel from one room to another) so I used only the bare minimum structural supports which involved usually just the legs being stainless steel rods and the rest being secured as you would a tiered cake, with wooden dowels.

And I should also preface this post by saying that this is not necessarily the best way to do a standing 3D cake, definitely NOT the only way and probably could have been done better myself had I planned or calculated things a bit better. But it does show one of many ways that these kinds of cakes can be done and it shows what we cakers sometimes have to go through when we are forced to think on the fly and/or work with unforeseen challenges or (ahem) in my case here, a big brain-fart of a miscalculation (which I will blame on severe lack of sleep due to both kiddos being sick after a week long trip, haha!)

So this cake needed to serve minimum 25 (dessert sizes of 1″ x 2″ x 4″) and I had figured out (mistakenly) that the cake would need to be 12″ tall. And on that basis, I went and bought all my hardware with the expectation that I would need just one 22″ long 1/4″ rod that could be cut in half so that I’d have two rods going up the cake to just above the neck area. Why, you might ask, did I need more than just one? Well, I am a worry-wart and my stressed-out brain and heart would not have been secure or calm with just one solid rod, knowing it had to travel at least 40 minutes to the party.

I didn’t realize until after I went to bake the cakes, that I actually had made a miscalculation and would need the cake to be taller.  I had forgotten to take into account that the cake was going to be only half as deep as it was wide – I had made initial calculations based on a cubed torso section. So to get the minimum 25 servings, the cake now had to be at least 6″ taller so would end up being over 18″ tall…but now I only had the one rod. I guess I could have used cake also in the leg portion to keep it at 12″, BUT…I wanted to keep that section as cereal treats as another added piece of structural security for me…  And I guess I could have gone out and bought another rod BUT…I stubbornly decided to work with what I had and decided I could use one rod most of the way up the height, with a shorter rod to at least the hip section, just under the torso.  And so we (meaning hubby) cut the rod to 15″ and 7″ – taking into account that just under 1″ of each rod would be buried into the board underneath.

So here are the pics, with some explanations along the way…hopefully this is helpful for some…or if not, at least maybe you’ll find it to be slightly amusing musings…hahaha!!

3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 1

Some basic STATS:

The base board was 18″ x 14″

He has cereal treat arms, legs and hips, with cake for his torso and head

Total Height: 18.5” tall

Head Section: was 5” diameter cake that was 6” tall before ganache; after ganache was approximately 5.5” diameter and 6.25″ tall

Torso Section: 6.25” tall, 4” deep; 5.5” across at top of torso; 7.5” across at bottom of torso (widest part of cake)

Leg Section: 6.25” tall, 3.5” deep; 6.5” across

1/4″ stainless steel rod, washers and nuts (TIP: rods were cut with a rotating saw and the jagged edges were smoothed out with a grinder); all sections of the rods were wrapped with Glad Press ‘n Seal before being covered by the bubble tea straws – you will have to do this in sections (in between where the nuts and washers go)

Measurements for the cereal treat sections and internal boards are in Slides 12-17

Total servings: approximately 33 servings with 15 for the head section and 18 for the torso section based on 1″ x 2″ x 4″ sized servings


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 2

Slide 2: The purple shading are bubble tea straws and the green are the nuts. The one bubble tea straw that does not extend all the way to the board above it, is there just to cap the rod underneath (added food safety) as it does poke through the boards which all had holes pre-cut based on the original plan.  All rods were wrapped with Glad Press ‘n Seal before being covered by the bubble tea straws.  You will have to do this in sections (in between where the nuts and washers go).


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 3

Slide 3:

Left pic just shows the structure in the leg/hip section without the edible pieces.  The longer rod on the right in the pic is slightly off-centre.  This is on purpose as I want it to be as close to centre as possible without being too close to the other rod, for stability.

Right pic – the cakeboard was first covered, then a large piece of Glad Press ‘n Seal was added on top to protect the board underneath from the mess of crumbcoating and covering the cake later; the cereal treat leg section was added with bubble tea straws over the rods so the treats don’t touch the rod, and a portion was cut out to give the impression of two separate legs


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 4

Side 4:

Left pic – I had to add some pieces of cereal treats to level off this section and I added the nuts so they are sitting on top of the bubble tea straws that are underneath but buried into the cereal treats; although the cereal treats in this section are touching the nuts, I informed my client to cut around this area if it was to be consumed

Right pic – washers were added – notice I used wide washers which I chose for added security


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 5

Slide 5:

Left pic – buttercream ‘glue’ was added to help hold the board on top

Right pic – a 1/4″ thick board was added which would be bolted in place with the nuts and washers on top and below


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 6

Slide 6:

Left pic – another set of washers and nuts are added

Right pic – more buttercream ‘glue’ is added to help hold it to the piece to be added on top


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 7

Slide 7:

Left pic – the cereal treat hip section was added – notice it is slightly rounded in the front; the bubble tea straws were then inserted – the one on the left was trimmed to less than 1″ and is there to cap off the rod that poked through underneath, the one on the right was added after the pic was taken

Right pic – the torso section was torted, filled, dowelled and stacked separate from the stainless steel structure on it’s own cakeboard; I also used a centre cakeboard at the 3″ mark with dowels inserted above and below it (see diagram on Slide 2); both the centre and bottom cakeboards were made by gluing three thin cake cards together to make it stronger and had holes pre-punched); the entire assembled torso section was then stacked on top of the cereal treat hip section before another thin cake card was placed on top along with a washer and nut


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 8

Slide 8:

Left pic – the cereal treat leg section was crumbcoated with buttercream; the hip and torso sections were ganached; the board for the shoulder detailing was added on top – I cut the hole to fit around the nut that was already there (see Slide 7, Right pic); I then cut the hole in the cakeboard for the head section (round board on top) so it could sit flush with the nut; it is pictured just to show that it sits flush with the nut but the head section was actually torted, filled, stacked, ganached and covered with fondant separate from the structure and added after, which you see in the Right pic

Right pic – head section was prepared as mentioned and added on top with some ganache and fresh fondant under the cakeboard it sits on, to secure it to the shoulder board underneath; the “visor” section for the eyes was cut out using an x-acto knife; you’ll notice there are some imperfections on the right side of the chin – that will be covered over later so no need to fret


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 9

Slide 9:

Left pic – each section of the legs, hips and torso were covered with fondant using the panelling method; line detailing was added to the hip section; again notice the imperfection to the right side of the chin; change-o, prest-o and it’s gone in the right pic!!

Right pic – the cereal treat arms were crumbcoated with buttercream and covered with fondant then attached to the sides of the torso with fresh fondant and held for 10 minutes to ensure they were firmly secured; the hands (made from fondant with CMC/Tylose) were each attached with fresh fondant and held in place until secure (at least 3 minutes); the cereal treat feet were crumbcoated then covered with fondant and added; thin bands of fondant were cut and strategically placed on top of the mouth/chin section in the pattern as seen on the actual character; Oooo and LOOK, the imperfection is now gone hehe!


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 10

Slide 10:

Left pic – a thin sheet of fondant was rolled out in the size needed to cover the mouth/chin section and draped on top to give the look of bunched up fabric

Right pic – side, front and top helmet detailing were added – sorry, no templates for these as I normally just go and cut by eye, then check the pieces I cut out against the actual part of the cake it will be added to, before I secure it with water


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 11

Slide 11:

Left pic – the shoulder board was covered with fondant; then the shoulder details were cut from fondant and added; grey section of the helmet were cut and added – again no templates, sorry; shirt, lapels, belt and diamond detailing were then added to the front

Right pic – a bit of dark green dusting was brushed into the crevices of the mask, along the helmet detailing, on top of the lapels, inside the area between the arms and the torso and under the rounded part of the hip section to bring out details; a gumpaste sword made earlier and let dry for 5 days was added to the back


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 12

Slide 12: cereal treat arms – which were oddly shaped but 1″ thick


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 13

Slide 13:

Left pic – the cakeboard for the bottom of the torso – which was 7.5″ wide and 4″ deep

Right pic – the cakeboard for the shoulder section – which was 9.5″ wide and 4″ deep


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 14

Slide 14: cereal treat leg section – which was 6″ wide and 3″ deep; after buttercream crumbcoat and fondant they ended up 6.5″ wide and 3.5″ deep


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 15

Slide 15: cereal treat hip section – which was 6″ wide and 3.5″ deep, and rounded on one end


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 16

Slide 16: cereal treat feet – which were 2.5″ wide and 1.5″ deep and .5″ tall


3D Standing Lego Ninjago Tutorial 17

Slide 17: the 1/2″ thich board used between the cereal treat leg section and cereal treat hip section – which was 6″ wide and 3.5″ deep and ended up being part of the hip section after being ganached

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Gumpaste Ranunculus Tutorial by The Violet Cake Shop™

I first made this tutorial in early 2014 after having made a Christmas cake that featured my own modified version of the sugar ranunculus flower.  It was to help celebrate a recent Facebook milestone and to thank my followers for their support of my humble page.  It was also my first real, full-length tutorial and I was worried how it would be taken.  Thankfully, everyone was very supportive!

Cover Photo - Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus


Well, two years later and I figured I better get some of my tutorials up on my blog since it would seem, they are not easily found on my Facebook page, despite being in their own Albums.  So, I will slowly start to upload my free tutorials each as a blog post, even though I did do a catchall tutorial blog post with links to all my existing tutorials.  I guess having them each accessible in their own individual post is just easier all around.

This Christmas cake from 2013 is still one of my fave designs since I tried a lot of new things for me including making gumpaste flowers.

20131224_121018 - iv - ii


Here are the tutorial steps to help you create your very own gumpaste ranunculus…ENJOY!

Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 2 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 3 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 4 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 5 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 6 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 7 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 8 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 9 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 10 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 11 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 12 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 13 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 14 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 15 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 16 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 17 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 18 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 19 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 20 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 21 Tutorial - My Version of a Ranunculus - 22

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Lotus, Lotus, LOTUS!

Super Cake Moms - LOTUS - The Violet Cake Shop - IMG_4518 - twmpm

SO…I’ve been super-lax in blogging and keeping up with my cake decorating shenanigans!  I’ve got a few excuses though…two kiddos, one which is super high maintenance right now (as she has been ALL her life but a bit more so lately) and the other, off on summer vacation from school (bless his heart he is easy peasy but there are times…), hubby’s business trips, a few projects that I’ve been working on and just general every day stuff that happens…

But I’ve been promising for a few months now to post the story behind probably my most popular cake at the time I took the poll back in…(OMG…just checked back and it was a YEAR ago…my BAD…so sorry!) August of last year.  Overwhelmingly, my Lotus cake, made for the Super Cake Moms collaboration, got the most votes.  It was also my first ever cake collaboration so I was very stressed by the calibre of the rest of the members of the group.  I remember that I really wanted it to stand out but also knew I, as a non-flower person I must add, was not going to be able to make the most realistic of flowers.  Heck, I’d never even touched gumpaste more than twice at this point.  But I challenged myself to go ahead and try and come up with something new.

So I tried my hand at making a life-sized lotus flower which was my chosen flower as I wanted to pay homage to my mom and also my motherland, China.  The LOTUS is a very symbolic flower in Chinese culture and represents purity of the body, speech, and mind. It is a large flower, often more than 7″ wide, that blooms and rises out of muddy waters and floats above it, which is what I wanted to represent with the bottom tier. The ponds and water it grows in, in China and other Asian countries often also have bamboo which I used on the top tier and which also symbolizes the country of China where both sides of my & my husband’s family are originally from.

Lotuses can actually grow to larger than the size of a medium watermelon so this is still small by comparison but it ended up being about 6″ across.

Super Mom's Collaboration - Lotus - outdoor twmpm

My first attempt actually resulted in more pointed petals which I did not feel was as realistic.


So I started over and made the petals fuller.

20140502_170625 - pm  20140502_165212(0)-1 - pm

I started with white gumpaste petals and dusted, and dusted AND DUSTED with hot pink petal dust to come up with this colour.

20140507_081450 - ii - pm

I also added some soft pink dust in the centre of each petal to give it some more depth.  This flower was completely unwired but I did end up inserting a small dowel into the very centre after the petals were assembled and it had dried for about a day, so that I could adhere it to the cake and not have to worry about it falling off.  I actually put it together very much like you would a fondant loopy bow but I started with the inside petals first and added on the outer ones, with each petal being adhered to the growing bloom with just some fresh fondant as the glue.

I was very happy with it in the end but KNEW it was not realistic or lifelike.  As with most of the flowers I made, it had a very stylized look so I decided to celebrate the distinctiveness of how I formed the petals and call it a stylized gumpaste lotus!

This flower ended up being SO popular that I was constantly being asked for a tutorial for it.  I was finally able to make a PDF tutorial of a smaller version of it and included in my Craftsy class, Cakes in Vivid Color (which by the way you can get with my special Instructor’s discount here).  I had hoped to include it IN the actual class itself but alas, we ran out of time and had to cut it during filming which was a bit disappointing =(.  But I definitely am happy that we were able to include a free downloadable version of it for all that enrolled, especially given that it is used on three of the four designs shown in the class.

5167 Vivid Cakes-008_retouched

I also have an extended version of it available in my Ecwid Shop on Facebook.

The Violet Cake Shop - Stylized Gumpaste Lotus Tutorial - Cover Photo

I loved the lotus flower so much that I played around with a wafer paper version of it which was used on my Festival of Lights collaboration cake.

The Violet Cake Shop - Festival of Lights - brighter - watermark

I have a free tutorial for the wafer paper version that you can find on my Facebook page here.

Wafer Paper Lotus Tutorial

I have since used it on a few other cakes as well, both for collaborations.  The first one was for the Pretty Pink for Yasmine collaboration honouring a sweet young girl 10 years after her passing, who would have turned 15.

The Violet Cake Shop for Pretty Pink for Yasmine collab - final submission

I mixed it in amongst some delicate gumpaste cherry blossoms to create an angelic feeling of a fairy garden.

The Violet Cake Shop for Pretty Pink for Yasmine - closeup - quick edit - twmpm tcollabwm

The other time was for the Elegant Indian Fashion collaboration where I used a single, medium-sized fantasy lotus, painted with gold lustre dust to top my saree inspired cake.

Violet - EIF

Violet - EIF - closeup gold lotus - twmpm

I have been going a bit LOTUS crazy lately but I hope y’all still like it lol!

Happy Caking Y’ALL!! =D

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My Class Has Launched!! Discount Code Provided =D

WHOOP….my class has finally LAUNCHED!

After what seemed like an unbearably excruciating two months post-shoot, my class is finally live and I am streaming to you on the Craftsy platform!  What a relief it is especially as I have been stressing this day non-stop for over two weeks and could barely sleep!!  So much excitement, anxiety, worry, happiness…HUGE mix of EMOTIONS!

06-15-15 - Launch Announcement

But now It’s launched and I can let out a huge sigh of relief that that part is over with, at least haha!  And so far, the feedback has been positive so even better and again phewwww….I can breathe a LOT better!  I KNOW I am not perfect in this class (FAR from it) and have things I can definitely work on for next time (hopefully there will be many more “next time”s), but I hope I am able to help those of you who purchase my class, to find ways to be creative and bold, and comfortable in using colour and variation in your designs.

As promised here is a massive DISCOUNT link – Special Discount for Followers of The Violet Cake Shop™ for all those who’ve patiently waited and sat through my giddiness as I gloated over this chance of a lifetime opportunity!  I hope you will join me in my class and enjoy what I have to share.  Take advantage of this special discount (57% OFF USD – YES, you read right!) before it’s too late – they are working on a ‘different’ discount link so this one won’t last!

OH and as an extra special BONUS – all enrolled students will get my new Stylized Lotus Picture Tutorial FREE with the class – see Class Materials – an $8 value!

The Violet Cake Shop - Stylized Gumpaste Lotus Tutorial - Cover Photo



AND we have a WINNER for my class’ prelaunch giveaway – Craftsy userID ‘Dadou’ – I will email you with your free link shortly – CONGRATS!

Here are full pics of the 4 designs you can learn how to make in this class:

5167 Vivid Cakes-003 - twm plus craftsy wm

5167 Vivid Cakes-011 - twm plus craftsy wm

5167 Vivid Cakes-025 - twm plus craftsy wm

5167 Vivid Cakes-018 - twm plus craftsy wm

(THANKS to the Craftsy Marketing Team for these beauty shots!!)

And REMEMBER, you can always share what you’ve made using my class to the Craftsy site under Class Projects or to my Facebook Page

I look forward to seeing what you create with it!!

Violet =D


My New Class on Craftsy (I know right? Pinch me please)!!

title card version 2

WOW…I seriously am still on cloud 9 and in disbelief that I received THAT email back in mid February, asking me if I’d like to contribute and pitch an idea for a Craftsy cake decorating class!  Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of a few months.  I went from that email to developing a concept for a class, to drawing up sketches and design ideas in just a few short weeks.  Then my class concept was approved and I was scheduled to go out to Denver with just a few weeks to prepare!

I am SO grateful for this opportunity though because I never in a million BAJILLION years ever thought I’d be teaching anyone anything about cake decorating and now I am set to launch my first ever Craftsy class on the world’s best known crafting site!  Seriously pinch me now yikes!  It seems that the days are inching by so slowly though since I got back from filming as it’s about a two month lag time after filming wraps, until the class is launched so they can complete the post-production work on the class.

But still, there is so much to do and so little time to do it.  I have to prepare a picture tutorial for a part of the class that we weren’t able to shoot while I was in Denver due to time constraints, but which is included in almost every design, my stylized lotus flower, which we want to offer every student who buys the class.

5167 Vivid Cakes-008_retouched

Picture tutorials contrary to some people’s belief, is actually a VERY time consuming endeavour due to all the editing and watermarking and layout work that needs to be done, not to mention the captions that are needed and making sure it is all cohesive and thorough enough to follow.  But the class is jam PACKED with info and my most valued tips and tricks!!

There are the four designs I came up with for Craftsy, which I walk you through during the class, that shows you how versatile the techniques I commonly use, really are.


5167 Vivid Cakes-001_retouched - twm plus craftsy wm

5167 Vivid Cakes-011 - twm plus craftsy wm


There are 6 lessons in total with one being devoted to some of my best used colour tips as well as a discussion on where I draw some of my design and colour inspirations from.  Next, I go into the technique specific lessons starting with tiling which is creating geometric shapes or patterns using simple cutters and how I apply them in an eye catching way.


The rest of the technique specific lessons include my tips on how I incorporate quilling in some of my designs and tips I’ve developed that make it easier to do, as well as a lessons on how I use onlays and silicone molds and my tips and tricks that work for me.

5167 Vivid Cakes-016


5167 Vivid Cakes-032 - twm plus craftsy wm

5167 Vivid Cakes-025 - twm plus craftsy wm

The last lesson focuses on my signature two-toned petal technique which will show you numerous ways I’ve used them already, how easy they are to make and another new application for it that I’ve not yet used before.

5167 Vivid Cakes-018 - twmgimp


5167 Vivid Cakes-014

This experience has definitely been a highlight of my caking career!  I had the most fun even though I was nervous as heck the entire time!  The Craftsy team treated me like a star even though I felt like a total newbie who just flubbed line after line after line on the first day.  They kept me relaxed and focused!

Clif my producer, was such a big sweetheart…so patient and encouraging.


Caitie the cake assistant was just the BOMB!  She was SO efficient and organized…I wanted to steal her and take her home with me lol.  Could NOT have done it without her!


A truly stellar crew they have there and the camera guys were so much fun as you can see in their pose.

20150413_154431  20150413_191225

My first contact was amazing also and I was fortunate that I was able to have dinner with her my last night there.  She is amazing and knows so much about the decorating world even though she is a self-professed “dabbler” in it.

All in all, an experience I will NEVER forget and which I hope I get to repeat one day soon…even though I STILL pinch myself because I cannot believe it!  These pics are proof though that I was NOT just dreaming it all up haha!

Oh and before I forget, here is a link to a giveaway that is running until June 14th, for a chance to win my Craftsy class for free: Cakes in Vivid Color Class Giveaway

I will also be sharing some discount links on my Facebook page once the class launches so if you do not already follow me there, you can click on the Facebook widget in the right hand column to “Like” my page and get updates.


(proof I was really there!!!)

So I hope you will join me in my class and if you do, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!