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125K Facebook Followers Celebration – YOU and YOUR FRIEND can win!

I was so busy last weekend demoing and teaching a hands-on class at Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show that I did not even notice my Facebook page had hit a milestone!  After more than 2 years of lacklustre visibility due to Facebook’s new policies and newsfeed algorithms, as well as a huge hit when they decided to remove all followers that were inactive with a page for more than I don’t know how many years, my page finally hit 125K followers.

Despite the small set back and long wait after hitting 100K, I have continued to enjoy my time on Facebook.  My followers show me love for my work when I most need it.  They support me when I think my work sucks.  They show appreciation when I share a tip or technique.  And they always make me feel it’s worth doing what I love (and sometimes hate) to do…that it’s worth sticking around.

My tiny little place in this big huge Facebook cake world has become my comfy place to go to showcase my work, where people make me feel I am making a difference, even if just a small one, in the caking community!

SO, BIG THANKS everyone for following my journey, while I do what I love!!

And to celebrate, I put together a FUN giveaway that you can join over on my Facebook page!  I have some cool prizes from my favourite places and hopefully a FUN idea.

125K GIVEAWAY - you and your friend

That’s right!!  You AND your friend!  So double your chances if you both tag each other!

And so much more fun to play with a friend, no?  And isn’t it what our little Facebook cake community is all about anyway, sharing with friends, right?


To QUALIFY is simple!

125K GIVEAWAY - to qualify - 11-03-17

  1. Comment on my Facebook post here, telling me how you first discovered my page
  2. ‘Tag’ a friend (if you win, they win!)
  3. ‘Share’ the post to your own Facebook page for an extra entry (the post audience must be set to Public or it will not show up in the shares list and won’t count)
  4. Follow or ‘Like’ my page – The Violet Cake Shop™ – for updates
  5. Check back to see who the winners are

*WINNERS will be drawn and announced on Friday November 17th at 9 PM EST. Check back to see if you’ve won!! WINNERS must email me at, with Subject line ‘125K Giveaway’ and their address as well as their friend’s address, in order to receive prizes*


I have some cool prizes and sponsors too!!

Such as…Icing Inspirations!!  Thanks to them, YOU and YOUR FRIEND could each win $25 CAD to spend on cake goodies at their on-line shop.  They are a great family run small Canadian business with heart and they have fun stuff at great prices!  They ship worldwide too!!


125K GIVEAWAY - Icing Inspirations

We also have…Marvelous Molds!!  Who have generously donated any two molds of choice (excluding bundles), for both YOU and YOUR FRIEND! *Some delivery restrictions apply*

125K GIVEAWAY - Marvelous Molds Sponsor

Oh and of course I have to include Satin Ice!!  They gave me the honour of being an Artist of Excellence for them and I must say, it’s been an amazing experience so far!  Thanks to them, YOU and YOUR FRIEND could each win a 2lb pail of any colour fondant or gumpaste of your choice.  *Some delivery restrictions apply and colours subject to availability

125K GIVEAWAY - Satin Ice Sponsor

You could also win a few cake and cookie goodies that I have extras of (’cause, you know, I tend to forget that I’ve already bought something until I get it home! lol).  *Some delivery restrictions apply*


I also have two of my Craftsy classes (Cakes in Vivid Color), to give away!  I saved them just for this occasion!  So YOU and YOUR FRIEND could each win the class and learn some new skills…

Title card with all four cakes

There are also 5 sets of my Tutorial Bundle to give away!  It has my two most detailed and popular pdf tutorials with tons of tips and takeaways that can apply to any design.

Modern Tropical Ruffles Wedding Cake Tutorial by The Violet Cake Shop - 08-05-17 - coverThe Violet Cake Shop - Stylized Gumpaste Lotus Tutorial - Cover Photo


To add to the celebration, I also put ALL my TUTORIALS on SALE!!  You can find them in my Facebook SHOP.

125K GIVEAWAY - Tutorials - just text - 11-03-17

125K GIVEAWAY - Tutorials - 11-03-17


So, that’s A LOT!!  Which means LOTS of FUN!

🎉🎉🎉 🎊🎊🎊

I have had SO much fun on this ride, but can’t say my journey has ALL been fun and games…

With the good, comes a lot of stress…like A LOT!! And most of it, I put on myself (just ask the hubby LOL)! BUT if it weren’t for the support, appreciation and love I get for the things I create – in large part from you guys, my Sweet Friends – I think I would have given up a long time ago!

So I am truly grateful for every client, every reaction, every comment, every ‘like’, every share, every follower, every student, and every opportunity I’ve gotten in the almost 10 years I’ve been doing this. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH…I appreciate it more than you know!!

🍰🍰🍰 🎂🎂





PRIZE SET #1 – any 2 molds from MARVELOUS MOLDS – You AND your friend could each win your choice of 2 molds, from Marvelous Molds (excluding bundles)

*some delivery restrictions apply*

PRIZE SET #2 – SATIN ICE fondant or gumpaste – You AND your friend could each win a 2 lb pail of Satin Ice fondant or gumpaste, in your choice of colour

*some delivery restrictions apply, colours subject to availability*

PRIZE SET #3 – CAKES in VIVID COLOR Craftsy class – You AND your friend could each win my Craftsy class, Cakes in Vivid Color

PRIZE SET #4 – $25 Gift Card (2 sets available to be won) – You AND your friend could each win a gift card to Icing Inspirations worth $25 CAD. They ship worldwide.

PRIZE SET #5 – Cake and cookie decorating tools – You AND your friend could each win a variety of cake and cookie decorating tools

PRIZE SET #6 – Tutorial Bundle (5 sets available to be won) – You AND your friend could each win a tutorial bundle from me which includes my Modern Tropical Ruffles Cake tutorial and my Stylized Gumpaste Lotus tutorial



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First Birthday on Social Media

I am a mom of two (9 y/o boy and 2 y/o girl)…I used to be in Corporate Marketing Management for a leading telecommunications company for almost a decade until I decided to make a life change and start a family.  I started caking in 2008 so I could make my hubby’s 40th milestone birthday cake, and just practiced after that on family cakes for almost a year. By 2009 I expanded to taking orders for friends and referrals. During that time, I started my Facebook page (mostly for locals) and was pretty active on one of the cake decorating community sites for about 2 years, learning lots, reading all I could, viewing and commenting on cakes…and participating in forum discussions.

Those of you who’ve used Cake Central way back then, my user id was vlin28…you might remember me =).  Or you might not…it’s been a while… But I remember a lot of people I followed in the “old days” by different names too…I remember Jessica as mrsmudrash, Peggy as Peggyslee, Lesley as EnglishCakeLady and Sharon as SugarShack.  I found lots of cakers to follow on CC back then, but never really ventured to their FB pages as not many had them listed in their profiles in those days.

Eventually, I found myself steadily doing 2-3, then 3-4 cake orders per weekend and soon did not have time to even lift my head out from my powdered sugar cloud and quickly lost touch on that site. In late 2011 I took a break from taking orders as I got pregnant with my lil monkey and did not even so much as look at a cake on-line for almost two years. Once she was old enough, and less high maintenance, I started looking at cakes again but had discovered a new site (CakesDecor) and decided to post my first cake in over 3 years there.

Eva's 21st Tiffany Blue with Bows - twm

This was that cake and boy did it open a whole new world because I had tons of positive comments from posting it and found out quickly that NOW people were actively using their FB pages to network with other cakers! They had their FB urls in their signature and on their profiles. People from CD came to my FB page and commented and liked my posts! Wow…I had no idea….I had just over 700 FB friends at that time…

Why am I telling you all this you might ask? Well, because I just realized that this is my one year Anniversary of being part of FB Cakeyland and on social media, and I am so amazed at how everyone has embraced me and welcomed me. I am astounded at the opportunities I have had to make friends…real, tangible and meaningful friendships. I feel so blessed everyday for those I have e-met on-line through CD and FB, who provide me with support and encouragement during my caking ventures.  My hubby is happy too as he gets to hear less of my whining and complaining about the troubles and trials of caking…

So this is me…Violet…yes, there is a Violet behind The Violet Cake Shop…and I am 1 year old on FB this month, still a newborn on Twitter and in the world of blogging…maybe approaching 6 months on Pinterest…but still just beginning to learn all about networking with social media…and loving it every second!

09-01-14 - Profile Pic - solo - resized

…and I’d like to thank you all for taking part in my journey over the last year! I really do appreciate everyone that follows me and who has commented on or liked a post or picture! Thanks for making this past year SO memorable. Violet =D

Here are some of the ways you can find me:




and WordPress Blog…oh but you are already here… =P