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Time Saving Way to Make Scrunch and Rosette Ruffles – How-To Tutorial below

OMG…these new Simpress moulds by Marvelous Molds are a total TIMESAVER, not to mention game-changer in cake decorating!  (I show you how to use them below in the mini-tutorial)

If you’ve ever done a fully ruffled tier in any of your designs, even as small as 4″, you KNOW that they are absolutely TIME-CONSUMING, wow!  I used to avoid including full ruffle tiers in my designs and almost NEVER used them for a celebration cake order because quite frankly, the client would cringe at the cost lol.

A single 7″ tier (at standard height of 4″) could take up to 11 hours or more depending on the type of ruffling you’re doing.  Even with my innovative standup ruffling technique, which saves a bunch of time, it would still take upwards of 7 hours.  With these new Simpress moulds by Marvelous Molds, it took me just 1.5 hours for the bottom of my niece’s recent wedding cake.  And that included redoing one of the panels because I had a brain-fart and forgot to press firmly to pick up the details of the mould.


Full view of the cake I made for my niece’s rustic chic wedding

I could not have been happier with the results!  Normally, I only use moulds if they add clean, ornate detailing that cannot be achieved manually.  So ruffles, because I can make them by hand, would normally not be something I would consider using a mould for.  Especially because I always felt the details on those I’ve seen made using other moulds, rarely looked natural or authentic.

The original plan for my niece’s wedding cake was to use my standup ruffling technique on the bottom tier.  But when Marvelous Molds sent me their new line to review, I decided to test out the Scrunch Ruffle mould on a dummy and see if I liked it better.  Well, I was SO happy with how natural and custom the ruffling looked, that I decided to go ahead and use it on her cake, which saved me hours and hours of work!  Serious TIMESAVER I tell ya!!  Now you KNOW, if I am using it on a cake for my niece’s most special day, it HAS to be fabulous.

On a side note, here is a rare pic of me with one of my cakes.  I usually look like total crap after I finish a cake because I’m totally exhausted and disheveled after pulling an all-nighter, so never take pics with my creations.  As you can see, I cleaned myself up enough to attend the wedding hence how I was able to take a pic, but if you look closely, my eyes are a bit glazed because I’m literally a walking zombie at this point haha!

So here is the promised mini-tutorial.  It shows you my tried and tested way of using the Simpress line by Marvelous Molds and which actually works for any of their moulds including the Onlays.  Enjoy and Happy Caking Y’ALL!!

Top: new Scrunch Ruffle Simpress, Bottom: new Rosette Ruffle Simpress


Mini-Tutorial on how to use the new Scrunch Ruffle Simpress (and any other mould actually)…


Add 1/4 tsp of CMC or Tylose powder to 4 oz of fondant to fortify it so it can be used more easily in the mould. ALTERNATIVELY, you can use a 50/50 paste of gumpaste and fondant. NOTE: for the 7″ tier pictured on the wedding cake above, I used approximately 1 pound or 16 oz of fondant and added a full tsp of Tylose powder.


Use cornstarch to dust the crevices of the moulds to prevent the paste from sticking. Make sure to dust into all creases, grooves and crevices, especially the borders of the mould. ALTERNATIVELY, you can use shortening if you prefer. PRO TIP: I like to use BOTH shortening and cornstarch just to be on the safe side though either one works well on their own.


Roll out some of the paste so it’s large enough to fit over the mould, approximately 7″ long and 4.5″ wide. The thickness you roll it to will vary depending on the mould you are using. For the Scrunch Ruffle mould, 3-4 mm is a good thickness.


Lay the sheet of paste over the mould and press firmly downward with the palm and heel of your hand so the paste fills the mould beneath. Gently lift your hand and move to another area of the mould and repeat until the entire surface has been pressed into the mould below. Try not to slide the fondant around or push it side to side as this can mess up the impression. PRO TIP: dust some cornstarch on the surface before you start pressing the paste into the mould – this prevents the paste from sticking to your palm.


After pressing all areas firmly into the mould, you can now press more firmly so the blades of the mould cut through the paste and so the paste can pick up more of the impression from the mould. PRO TIP: I like to go over the entire surface, pressing firmly, two to three times.


Take a sheet of paper towel and fold into quarters. Wet the paper towel so it is damp but not dripping, and use it to wet the back of the paste.


Take the panel and lay it against your cake so the entire back surface of the paste touches the side of the cake. Press along the entire panel with your hands so that the paste starts to adhere to the cake underneath – this can take a few seconds, up to one minute if necessary. TIP: the cake should be iced already in either buttercream, ganache or covered with a thin layer of fondant before applying the panels.


Starting on one end, start peeling away the mould slowly, revealing the paste below. PRO TIP: if any of the paste sticks to the mould, you can ease it out with a thin brush that has some shortening on it.


Repeat all previous steps to create another panel. Line up the second panel with one end of the first panel as shown, and unmould.


Gently press the edges together to clean up any gaps between the panels.

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FREE Peek into how I make my Signature Standup Ruffles

Finally, I can share with everyone how I make my signature Standup Ruffles as seen in my Modern Tropical Ruffles Cake below.  Since this tutorial was originally made for publication in Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine, I had to wait until the issue, came off sale.  I share key steps of the technique further in this post but having taken pics of all the steps for that tutorial, I had all the makings for creating my own paid tutorial in pdf version so have made it available in my SHOP.

The Violet Cake Shop - Modern Tropical Wedding Cake - Stand Up Ruffles

So if you could not get your hands on the magazine, you can now purchase your own copy of how to make this cake HERE.  I’m starting it off at an introductory price of just under $10 USD (depending on exchange rate as I can only price it in Canadian dollars in my SHOP).


I did promise in my previous post to share some key steps for my Signature Standup Ruffles, (which are great for making structured diagonal ruffles and many other directions, shapes, patterns and colour sequences), so here I go!

Oh…but another BUT first…….

**Keep in mind, I am generously sharing a technique that I came up with after experimenting with different ideas and theories on how I could make these ruffles in fondant/gumpaste so I ask you to please, out of professional courtesy, not share this technique in any way, whether in live classes or publications or in tutorials of any form (video, pdf file, pictorial, print, album on Facebook etc.), without my written consent.  If you must share, please share from this post or my Facebook page and give credit where credit is due!  Thanks so much!**

Now, back to the good stuff…

I first thought of doing these after seeing some beautiful buttercream piped versions done by Shannon Bond of Shannon Bond Cake Design.  But I suck at piping – I neither have the muscle strength in my arms to pipe a full tier, nor the steadiness needed.  So I set about looking for a fondant/gumpaste version.

I did a lot of research and never could find the tight, clean and structured look I was going for in the standard fondant or gumpaste ruffles because all of them lay flat against the surface of the cake and only the ruffled portion would dance a bit above it due to the frilling.  So I thought, ruffles would be so much more versatile if I could make them stand up.  Making them stand up would allow them to be manipulated more easily and used in different patterns, directions, colour sequences…

BUT…what would make ruffles stand up?  All ruffles I’d seen were thin and flat.  If I saw a ruffle effect that had pattern and structure, it was when people twirled strips of flat fondant that they folded lengthwise in half, like the technique used most often by Tortik Annuchka who’s work I discovered on Instagram.  But I know, having tried it, that this technique doesn’t give clean straight lines around a curved surface like those on cake.  So, it’s great for straight up and down vertical lines and bunched patterns, but was not as effective for straight diagonal lines.

Then I thought, what if I could make the bottom of a ruffle flat, so it could stand, and keep the top thin and frilly?  And the idea was born…

So here are pics of a few critical steps in the process of making my Signature Standup Ruffles along with a high level description…for more info or detailed instructions on how to create these, unfortunately you will need to purchase my tutorial.  But these steps below should be straight-forward enough for the seasoned cake decorator to figure out and use…and I hope they inspire others to use them in creative and new ways.

Sneak Peek into making my Signature Standup Ruffles:

My Signature Standup Ruffles FREE Peek - cover


TVCS - Modern Tropical Cake Seaside - 39 - wm

I roll out my paste using dowels as spacers, to get a thick, even strip


TVCS - Modern Tropical Cake Seaside - 40 - wm

I then thin out the top end of the strip to create a frilled or ruffled effect


TVCS - Modern Tropical Cake Seaside - 41 - wm

Next, I trim just under the ruffling where the paste is still thick


And here are just some of the other ways I’ve used them so far.  One design is for a collaboration that has not yet been revealed so I can only share a sneak peek of it…

The Violet Cake Shop MIL's Greenery 75th - diagonal stand up ruffles       The Violet Cake Shop - Elegant Indian Fashion Collaboration - Utsava

The Violet Cake Shop - Incredible India Elegance - IMG_9236 - ii - wm - cropped to ruffle

I hope you’ve found this post engaging and informative.  I’d love to see what you create using this ruffle idea.  Feel free to post pics of your creation on my Facebook page.

Remember, if you’d like to purchase the full tutorial with 44 pages jam-packed with detailed instructions, tips and techniques, and 64 high resolution pics and steps, teaching a variety of not seen before techniques, you can go to my shop on my Facebook page or click HERE.

Here is just a peek of what’s covered inside!

Modern Tropical Ruffles Wedding Cake Tutorial by The Violet Cake Shop - 08-05-17 - cover

Modern Tropical Ruffles Wedding Cake Tutorial by The Violet Cake Shop - 08-05-17 - content

OH and it happens to be on for half price as an introductory offer so you can get it for just under $10 USD for a limited time!  The price will go back up to $20 USD one week after my Facebook page hits 125K followers…which can be anytime.

Have fun and Happy Caking Y’ALL! =D