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Celebrating 100K Sweet Friends on Facebook

Never, EVER did I consider EVER having followers of my cake journey in the six digits!!  Nope, NEVER even crossed my mind.  I started this page as a place to post pics of my sweet creations in 2009.  It pretty much steadily climbed over the next 4 years to just over 700 followers.  Wow, I was already pretty thrilled with that!

09-17-14 - 100K

Then, I discovered Facebook and Social Media networking around this time back in 2013, sharing and liking posts, share days, Facebook groups, collaborations…  I embraced it all just like those in FB Cakeyland embraced me and guess what…?  Most anyone in the cake industry that was anyone had a Facebook page and I discovered I could follow them and easily check their news items in my newsfeed.  Before, I rarely went on Facebook except to upload a new cake pic.

I didn’t even have many “friends” on my personal page because I never used the “Find a Friend” feature.  Now, more than 60% of my friends are cake friends I made on-line who are genuinely as important to me as those in ‘real-life’

So now I have somehow reached sweet friends numbering in the a six digits and I am beyond bewildered, blown away, flabbergasted, overwhelmed, stupefied (not stupid, just stupefied)!!

To celebrate, I am hosting an enormous giveaway sponsored by most of my fave Facebook pages…all are pages that have helped me grow, who have shared my work or supported my work and my page…who have made me feel such a part of a lovely community full of people with a like-minded passion for sugar art!

Please help me celebrate by joining my 100K Sweet Friends giveaway

FB 100K Giveaway Poster - 09-17-14

I am also having a SALE of 50% off or MORE on all tutorials in my SHIOP…some are even FREE!  You can pick yours up in my FB SHOP or use this mobile link.

FB 100K Milestone - 09-17-14 - Sale Promo

Thanks SO much AGAIN everyone!!  I truly appreciate you all and your support means the world to me!

Violet =D